Wonderful birthday

Yesterday was my birthday, and I had such a lovely day. I had been feeling a little unenthusiastic about my birthday; as I get older it seems less of a big deal, although over the years my husband and friends have organized more than surprise birthday party proving otherwise! But here I was among new people, and just feeling a little blase about it all. I was wonderfully surprised by how lovely everyone was. A lovely poet named Shannon made an announcement at dinner that it was my birthday, and everyone sang to me, which made me turn very pink from embarrassment and happiness. She also, unbeknownst to me, decorated my studio door with a clover chain and a happy birthday sign. She and another poet, Patricia, got me an organic cider from the store up the way, because they remembered my saying I like hard cider. There were more unexpected presents! David gave me a Murakami book, which I’m excited about, Eric gave me a copy of his just released poetry book, pretty Annie gave me a scarf to wear and remember her by (and I will!) and a flower bouquet, Sade gave a dramatic reading, and if there were more I’m not listing here it’s because I’m just overwhelmed with everyone’s sweetness. Another gift was that so many people came out and joined me by the river to have a beer and look at the water, and then we later adjourned to a bonfire. I was getting sleepy, and I was happy, so I left probably a little early compared to some, but it was a lovely birthday, and thank you everyone.

I’m going to have a Birthday Part II when I am back in Madison! Somehow I think I can really extend this birthday business….