oh today, hooray

Today has just been a really nice day. Is that goofy to say? I’m saying it. Today I finished the first draft of a long article I’ve been working on for about a month or so.  I am really happy to feel a sense of accomplishment about this project. To celebrate sending off the first draft, I commenced operation Make All the Food Things, which might also be a celebration of Screw the Fast Diet, No Way. (For the record, I made it around 3 weeks, but it turns out women are particularly prone to insomnia on this diet and I couldn’t handle the sleeplessness or the anxiety I felt regarding reduced calorie intake). I am doing Paleo for real, after several months of having occasional carbs, and I think it’s a good change, once more. So, back to all the things! I made a Raw Cashew Dreamcake, and also Avocado pops again, b/c they were great the first time. I haven’t tasted the dreamcake, as it’s setting up in the freezer, but the batter was pretty delicious.

Oh! I got a computer program called Paprika and if you like cooking, it’s worth buying. I finally ponied up the money (which to be fair is not egregious but I’m feeling pinched) after trying, oh, about 5-7 free versions. The best of these was Pepperplate, but the interface was mind-numbingly slow. Paprika works really well – I especially like how it can usually pull a recipe off a webpage accurately, and when it can’t, the interface to add it by hand is quite user friendly. But the real reason I got it was because it has a weekly meal planning option and makes a grocery list, and all these things together were exactly what I needed. Eating paleo isn’t always the cheapest option (esp. if you live where I live), so it’s important to plan.

(side note: I still am a huge fan of The Fresh 20 meal planner, but that’s why we were eating the carbs, alas. My subscription has been yummy if you do eat those things though, and if they came up with a paleo plan, I’d be back in a heartbeat — so so good and organized! I also got a deal on an emealz paleo plan, but it SUCKED — I got the sense the people running it don’t really know how to cook. In one week, 6 of the 7 meals were for a grill. I wrote and said, “hey, awesome, but what if you don’t have a grill or you have a job and don’t have time to sit around prepping a grill for 30-40 minutes before you can cook” — and the customer service advisor suggested I buy one, or get a George Foreman. Seriously? Did I write something bitchy back about how that was a pretty unreasonable expectation and maybe they should provide alternate instructions instead? I kinda did.)

Anyway, I’m cheerful is what.

One thought on “oh today, hooray

  1. Marshall says:

    We just signed up for a… CSA! (I don’t actually know what that stands for, but it’s the food-in-a-box thing from… farmers. I think.)

    It’s very exciting. It’s super rare that I eat dinner at home, but when I do, all I’ve been eating is PB&J sandwiches and trail mix. Which doesn’t make for a very awesome dinner. Especially the 4th or 5th time you do it.

    …I am not good at being an adult.

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