Music For Writing

Back in 2010, I started a blog to record my occasional writing successes and my life in general. In the past year, however, I realized I wasn’t posting much anymore. I’ve whittled the blog down to just my music posts, so you can see what I’ve listened to over the years while I’m writing. I hope you enjoy these songs!

so, go watch this

Every Frame a Painting is a very good youtube channel if you like movies — I really enjoyed the Spielberg one, to my surprise. This one, about Satoshi Kon, is very good in the way it explains how Kon achieved his dreamlike effects. It’s also very good if you aren’t familiar with Satoshi Kon, because you should be. You really should be. He died far too young, and left behind some amazing films. If you think you know what anime is, and don’t like it, then this is for you — he really did so much to push animation in new directions, creating serious and fun movies that stick in your brain and do strange things there.

Now I want to rewatch Millenium Actress, which I’ve only seen once and is terrible of me. I’ve seen Perfect Blue several times (very Hitchcockian) and Paprika — well, WAY too many times.

music time/ lorde/ tears for fears/ everybody wants to rule the world/tom petty/”don’t come around here no more”

This is an enjoyable cover of “everybody wants to rule the world.” I have some odd childhood memory that the original video to this song scared me as a kid, but I’ve looked at the video and I can’t see why that would have been. I have this memory of the lead singer dressed as a carnival barker of some sort? Is this a false memory? Some kind of dream? Very weird.

I can tell you that I was traumatized by Tom Petty’s “Don’t come around here no more” when I was young.

I wasn’t allowed to watch MTV and my parents had programmed it off the remote. But one day at a friend’s house I learned the channel number, and back home, discovered I could just plug it in and the channel would come up. Once I did so, I found myself in the middle of this video. I distinctly remember seeing them cut up the Alice cake and freaking out, thinking, “Oh god, my parents were right!”

I dated a guy in college who looked a lot like a young Tom Petty. Not sure what that says about me.

While we’re at it, let’s have an original Tears for Fear’s — “Mad World.” The Gary Jules cover is great and all, but we need respect the originals, too. 90% of this video is just a guy touching a window.