Doing all the things like some kind of wizard

Oh god, the end is in sight! I’ve almost completed new syllabi for the coming term. It’s not as ironed out as I’d like, and maybe I don’t know what the final project is yet BUT it’s mostly laid out! It was a real challenge to try and figure out how much students could read a week of this material. I think I’m going to do a check in with them periodically to make sure it’s reasonable, since this is my first time teaching graphic novels. Still, I’m starting to get actually excited about the class rather than just hating my life, so that’s a positive!
I also just got back notes on a teaching article and it’s overall working! Yay! And I’m reviewing two books, of which I’ve read one and begun the review, and haven’t read the other yet (eep), both of which are due April 1. And screening for a contest.. and need to do taxes…..and…what was I thinking?!
Did I mention our spring break is inhumanely short?
Anyway, I’m hammering away at all of it, bit by bit. I’ve been using Trello the past few weeks and the GTD (get things done) method to keep on top of tasks and break them into smaller pieces — I really recommend this program, if you’ve never tried it.
Here’s a song that captures me working. I look just like this:

andrew bird and fiona apple? swoon

A new Andrew Bird track, featuring my girl, Fiona Apple.

Guys, I got my hair cut today. This wouldn’t be such a deal if it hadn’t been almost six months from my last haircut, and if I didn’t look so much like a witch of late. But now my hair is soft and swingy and pretty and I’m no longer fantasizing about hacking if off with a knife and stuffing it into a little doll of myself that I give to the first person I see on the street, yelling to them, “take it take it stuff it with pins!” See? Better.

Things I’ve been up to — oh, I’ve applied to ever so many grants, local, national, all of them. Ok, three. But it was a lot of work and I’m thanking past Becky for that because present Becky is giving the very idea side-eye.

I’ve been working on submitting work too, which is hard because I don’t have as much work as I’d like to send out. Which means I need to write more. Balancing a new job with creative output will be something for me to work on in the coming year, I see.

But, I got some pretty amazing news yesterday. The kind of news that warrants this:

(I did look for a cover, since my blog’s been a little Queen heavy lately, but it turns out no one does this song justice but them)

BUT I’m not going to tell you the news yet because SECRETS (no, it’s not a book). So stay tuned. You’ll know more in…ok, I don’t know. Months. Many or few. In the meantime, just drink in Freddie Mercury’s amazing outfit.